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So you have planned to embark on a trip to Chennai. Yes, you need to have your appointment with the dentist and get your teeth in top condition. However, a trip to Chennai need not just stop with a visit to the dentist. Chennai has much more to offer than just high quality and cost effective dental care! This write-up of ours will focus on some of the places which you can visit in Chennai.

# 1 Beaches: A melange of colours and food!

Sunshine and sea waves are available in abundance in Chennai! Home of the second longest beach in the world, The Marina Beach, Chennai also has many other smaller beaches which dot her coastline. Edward Elliots Beach or commonly referred to as Bessie Beach in Besant Nagar is another beautiful beach which is a must visit, if you like watching the sea! There are smaller beaches in areas such as Tiruvanmayur, Ennore, Neelankarai, Foreshore Estate, Royapuram, and Santhome.

While one can happily watch the waves, the beaches in Chennai are also a small potpourri of eateries. You can munch on hot chilli bajjis, tasty bondas, or healthy sundals (boiled groundnuts seasoned with raw mangos, onions, and salt). You can also have your future predicted by charming lady astrologers who read your palm or by parrots (kili josiyum) too!

# 2 The Theosophical Society

Founded by Annie Besant, The Theosophical Society in Adyar is a must visit for anyone travelling to Chennai. Nestled in greenery by the banks of the Cooum River, The Theosophical Society in Adyar is the headquarters of the International Theosophical Society. You can take a tour of The Theosophical Society by walking around the lush surroundings, interacting with the members in the society, and visiting the library to read more. It is a historic place which provides a lot of food for thought and serenity for the soul!

# 3 Temples, Churches, and Mosques

Chennai has many historic places of worship which attract travellers, irrespective of if they want to pray or not. The Kapaleeshwar Temple in Mylapore, The Parthasarathy Swami Temple in Triplicane, Santhome Church in Santhome, and The Thousand Lights Mosque on Mount Road are just a few of the heritage sites which add colour to Chennai’s geography.

# 4 Amusement Parks

Chennai also houses many theme parks and amusement parks like VGP Golden Beach Resort, MGM Dizzee World and Kishkinta. These places have a plethora of adrenaline pumping rides and are a big hit, especially with children. These amusement parks have green locales and are built on a vast area, hence making them a great spot to spend the entire day.

# 5 Bird Watching at Vedantangal and Pallikaranai Marshland

Vedantangal and Pallikaranai Marshlands are home to many migratory birds. You can spend time in these places in the company of exotic birds which make Chennai their abode during early summer. Siberian Cranes are the most popularly spotted birds. Grab those binoculars and do some bird watching!

# 6 Popular places of interest: Egmore Musuem, Guindy Park, and Fort St.George

The Egmore Museum, Guindy Park, and Fort St.George are three popular tourist spots which give a glimpse of the history of the city. Educative and entertaining, a visit to these places is bound to enthral every kind of traveller!

Not to forget you can watch a movie in Satyam Cinemas or catch an IPL( or a cricket match) in the MA Chidambaram stadium! Chennai, formerly (and fondly) called as Madras, is a confluence of tradition and modernity. No matter what kind of a tourist you are, you will be able to find enjoyable things to do in this warm tropical city. Pack your bags and head here!






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