Stress and oral health – Part 2

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Now that we have convinced you about the ill effects of stress on your teeth and hence your overall health, the next thing to do is to see how we can overcome this.

The obvious answer is to beat stress out. You may say, but my problems exist. How can I beat stress out? Try following what we recommend. These are easy to follow and will require just minimal efforts from your part. They will go a very long way in ensuring good oral hygiene and in preventing the hordes of health issues which you otherwise assail you!

Sleep: Yes, something as simple as sleep will help your body beat stress. When you sleep, all your body parts relax. They get rejuvenated and hence are in a better position to function with energy after the rest. Sleeping also calms your mind and hence stress is shoved out. Adequate sleep of at least 7 hours a day will promote your well being and keep stress at bay! Mind you, when we say 7 hours, we mean solid sleep of 7 hours.


Drink lots of water: When you hydrate yourself regularly, you will be flushing out toxins. Stress induced toxins also get flushed out as a result. When toxins are cleared from your body, it feels fresher and hence better equipped to handle stress. Drinking water also cleanses your teeth. Whoever thought a humble glass of water has so many benefits?

Brush your teeth twice: Brush your teeth twice daily. Once as soon as you get up and once before going to bed. It will clear out all the bacteria which have accumulated in your mouth during the course of the day and night. Brushing twice is the first and most important step towards having very healthy teeth!

Avoid spicy, sweet, and junk foods: Your eating habits have a direct consequence on your teeth. Spicy foods, sweet and sticky foods, as well as junk foods are bad for both your teeth and overall health. Avoid them and your teeth will bless you! Seriously! Healthy food habits help in maintaining a good oral hygiene. Practise it! They also help in controlling stress and even vanquishing it!

Exercise and Meditate: Exercise and meditation help you combat stress successfully. They release endorphins which make you feel happier and hence less stressed. Incorporate exercise and meditation in your day and reap the benefits!

Summarizing, stress leads to a lot of oral complications. This as a result, also has an adverse consequence on the entire body. Beat stress and have a happy set of teeth. This will help you lead a healthy life, because clichéd as it may sound, happy teeth lead to a healthy life!


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