Dental Tourism- India is know for the some great quality health care and Chennai is seen as a Medical and Dental tourism hub

The quality of Dental care available be it implants or cosmetic procedures, is as good as any other country in the world, and the cost of care is only a fraction when compared to western countries.

What are the factors to be considered before planning a trip to Chennai for getting Dental treatment and how to work out a seamless Dental Vacation?

Watch Dr Arunkumar from Pearls Dentistry explaining on Dental Tourism, If you have a friend or relative who is planning on a dental vacation, do share the video with them.

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In this Video Dr. Arun from Pearls Dentistry explains the difference between a Bridge and Dental Implants. Also the parts of the dental Implants are shown and how dental Implants mimic the natural tooth as closely as possible. If you have a question do ask us and don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family. www.pearlsdentistry.in call 91 9382666369 for more information on Dental Implants.


Mouth Ulcers! – a small ulcer can cause a lot of pain and suffering. Can we prevent it? If a you are a student taking up an exam or an adult looking at a project deadline invariably end up with mouth ulcers. Watch Dr Sandhya Arunkumar from Pearls Dentistry, speak on mouth ulcers and ways to prevent. Got a question, do ask and will be happy to assist. Next time we will be continuing on Dental Implant series. 9382666369.


What does it takes to build a dental clinic?

How do we give the best?

Watch Dr.Sandhya Arunkumar, Director of Pearls Dentistry speaking on what it takes to build the best dental clinic.

Although Google search enlists a series of dental clinics in Chennai, how do we choose the one best for our dental treatment? First we need to understand and accept the fact that the internet is only capable of enlisting the dental clinics in Chennai, only personal experience with a dental team can actually predict the credentials of a BEST DENTAL CLINIC OR PRACTICE. Do watch this video to understand the meaning of BEST DENTAL CLINIC and also be aware that Pearls dentistry is rated as one among the BEST DENTAL PRACTICES IN CHENNAI for the past 16 years since it satisfies all the criteria laid down for a BEST DENTAL CLINIC.


How can we choose the best Dental Implants?

Dr. Arun, Director of Pearls Dentistry explains what goes into selecting the best implant for the individual.

After removal, REPLACEMENT OF MISSING TEETH is necessary for multiple reasons. Are you the one searching for cheaper DENTAL IMPLANTS in the USA? Looking for cost effective dental implants in the US might not work, but it can very much work in CHENNAI. People travelling as a part of medical tourism find CHENNAI as the most COST EFFECTIVE place to get DENTAL IMPLANTS done, especially multiple dental implants. Pearls dentistry is one of the BEST DENTAL CINICS in CHENNAI to offer COST EFFECTIVE, CHEAPER DENTAL IMPLANTS with greater retention and longevity. Do watch this video to know more about BEST DENTAL IMPLANTS.


Dread visiting a dentist? Scared of Dental treatment? Well most of us are…

In this video Dr Arun, explains the possible reasons.

FEAR of Dental treatment is the major root cause for loss of natural TOOTH DUE TO DECAY OR GUM PROBLEM at an early age. Many people struggle with this loss of teeth due to poor chewing efficiency, crooked movement of teeth causing food retention, difficulty in hygiene maintenance  in between gaps and lot more consequences. So addresal of this FEAR of DENTIST or DENTAL TREATMENT now has become a necessity!! Do watch this video to address your FEAR of DENTIST and get benefited


Are you scared of dentists and dental treatment? Know the causes of dental fear.

The human mind is conditioned to associate DENTIST OR DENTAL TREATMENT with FEAR or PAIN. So, the regular annual dental check-ups or prevailing dental problems are given least priority in the list of health check-ups by us. So how do we change this scenario to bring back the smiles and healthy decay free teeth for our people? Pearls Dentistry, a chain of Dental clinics in Chennai is always known to offer pain free and fear free dental services for the past 16 years. Pearls dentistry works on a mission to create 20lac smiles for our people!!Do watch this video, to know more about our pain free, fear free dental services offered by US.

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