Our vision is backed by our 18 years experience in helping 1000’s of patients to experience dentistry with peace of mind.

Pearls Dentistry will provide clean, hygienic, dental centers which are technologically advanced. open and honest pricing policy is followed to ensure cost effective quality dental care.

Through our unique pearls out reach we aim to touch millions of life within 2020.

We are here to help you experience dentistry with peace of mind, which will make you smile from within.

We are unique by

Happily providing professional care
Following standards and systems
Upholding values and ethics
In continuous respect of everyone and everything
Working together to nurture the best
Celebrating the smile from within
Implementing and living by these everyday


At Pearls Dentistry, we take utmost care for the safety and hygiene for all our patients and staff.
Safety begins with the individual and all our staff undergo training and periodic evaluation on hygiene and safety procedures to follow, that will ensure infection control and prevent cross infection.
All our instruments go through a rigorous cleaning and autoclaving for sterilization, followed by a quality check with the industry best practices being followed.
We use disposable (Gloves, Masks, Needles and Syringes, suction tips etc) at all appropriate times.
We believe in contributing to a cleaner environment by actively participating in Bio Medical Waste management.

Dental Plan for Individual

Plan includes Silver, Silver +, Gold & Platinum schemes, see the annexure for details.

Dental Plan for Family

Plan includes Gold & Platinum schemes , see the annexure for details.

Dental Plan for Employee

Plan includes Silver, Silver +, Gold & Platinum schemes, see the annexure for details.


We at Pearls Dentistry help our patients SMILE from Inside-Out by making them experience dentistry with peace of mind.  
The kind of customers who love our work are the ones who understand the importance of dental health and prioritize it. 
Our service is backed up by 18 years of experience and the philosophy of P.E.A.C.E:
P - Painless
E - Easy access for patients
A - Affordable
C - Cleanliness
E - Everlasting Smile
We differentiate ourselves from other healthcare providers by offering a transparent honest pricing and follow up services because we believe in doing what is right for the patient.


We at Pearls Dentistry are on a mission to create 25 lakhs happy smiles, by making people experience dentistry with P.E.A.C.E of mind, so that a sense of joy is felt by our patients, making them live healthy and thereby creating a Happy Smiling world. 
Pearls Dentistry was started in the year 2001, and has since been a leading health care provider in Chennai treating more than 10,000 patients,with headquarters in Raja Annamalaipuram, and branches in Thiruvanmiyur and Nanganallur. We offer full range of Preventive, Diagnostic and Treatment services with special emphasis on Smile Design, Implant dentistry and Sedation dentistry. We are the only standalone dental clinic in Chennai to practice Digital Dentistry- Single visit Dentistry by using CEREC where we deliver crowns to our patients in just 60 minutes.
The Center is headed by Dr B Arunkumar, MDS and Dr Sandhya Arunkumar MDS, with a team of well experienced Dentist, Specialist Consultants, and Support staff. Our Doctors are well trained with international certifications. 
We are also a teaching organization with our Center for Excellence in Dentistry imparting dental advanced education to other dentist in India and abroad.

Our Management Team


Pearls Dentistry is born out of vision to be a leader in health care innovations to invoke, inspire and integrate transformational centres of excellence in dentistry. Dentist Appointment in Chennai Dental visit in Chennai, Dental Tourism in Chennai and Dental Implants,Dental emergency in Chennai Immediate Teeth Implants in Chennai


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