We are committed towards ensuring that you take good care of your teeth and keep those pearly whites healthy. So now that you know what all you need in your oral care kit, the next step is using those components! Brushing your teeth is an important step which helps in your overall oral hygiene. Here is a quiz for you!

When you brush your teeth, you..

a). Watch the mirror and brush b).Walk around and brush c).Read a paper and brush

The place in which you brush is…

a). Well lit b). Different every day!     c). Who knows? I don’t notice!

  1.   When you brush your teeth, you..

a). Start with your upper/lower teeth b).I don’t notice! c) No pattern!

  1. When you start brushing your upper teeth, where do you begin from?

a). Begin from the left corner   b).Duh who cares!     c). No idea!

  1. When you are brushing your upper teeth, do you

a). Divide the entire teeth into three sets and brush

b). Heck it is brushing and I just swipe wherever I feel like

c). I don’t know!



If you chose option a, give yourself 2 points, else 0!

If you chose option a, give yourself 2 points, else 0!

If you chose option a, give yourself 2 points, else 0!

If you chose option a, give yourself 2 points, else 0!

If you chose option a, give yourself 2 points, else 0!

Any score other than 10 means that you have to learn how to brush well! Brushing your teeth is the most important step towards a healthy you!

Some pointers on brushing your upper teeth

  • Ideally begin your teeth brushing by starting from your upper set of teeth
  • Divide your upper set of teeth into three sets so that it becomes easier to brush
  • Begin form the left end of the back of your upper teeth, and systematically move towards the right end
  • Wet your brush and wet your mouth before you begin brushing
  • Ensure that the side portions of your toothbrush’s bristles completely touch your teeth. This way the space in between the teeth gets cleaned!
  • Also ensure that you hold the toothbrush in the correct position so that the end of the bristles enter and touch the gums
  • The outside of your upper teeth should be brushed in an up-down motion
  • The inside of your upper teeth should be brushed in a swipe motion

Some Don’ts!

  • Don’t randomly begin brushing from wherever you feel like without covering every tooth of the upper mouth
  • Don’t move around while brushing
  • Don’t adopt any arbitrary technique to brush your upper teeth
  • Don’t brush just one portion of your teeth

Happy Brushing!



This blog is pivoted around the psychological aspects stemming out of oral hygiene.

Teeth and Looks

Your teeth have a direct bearing to how you look. A healthy set of teeth ensure that your jaw line remains taut and gives a bearing to your face. When a tooth starts going bad, it leads to the loosening of the tooth, causes movement of the adjacent tooth, may lead to loss of a tooth, and hence create space in the mouth. If this is the case of a single tooth, imagine what would happen if more are not all right? Any damage to even a single tooth will start giving visible alterations to your jaw line and hence your face. As all of us know, we are the most confident when we look good. Any loss of good looks immediately impacts a person’s confidence levels (getting that ideal date becomes so much easier!). It becomes paramount to preserve the good health of teeth to preserve good confidence!

Teeth and Smile

No, this is not an advertisement for any tooth paste! Yet, we have to make this point. Your smile would be nicer and more pleasant (of course you have to smile first), when your teeth are in good condition. Stained teeth, yellow teeth, hollow teeth, and the like have a direct impact on the way you smile. A shiny white smile is surely more attractive, and more importantly echoes of a good oral health. Fix the teeth to smile wider!

Teeth and Children

It is very important for children to have good oral health. Bad teeth, crooked teeth, and other teeth deformations impact the mental health of children as they tend to be affected by the peer group. There have been cases of children going silent and even bordering on depression because they are conscious and not happy about their looks: stemming out of bad oral health. So taking care of the teeth of children goes a long way in keeping their confidence up!

Day 19 5_CrookedTeethDay 19 5_CrookedTeeth

Teeth and Speech

Good oral hygiene helps in clarity of speech. Teeth are very essential for anyone to be able to talk clearly. The loss of even a single tooth would lead to distortion of speech and loss of clarity while talking. This would lead to a person being uncomfortable when they speak and may lead to a minor dip in the confidence levels.

Apart from all these factors which we have mentioned, improper care of teeth also leads to bad breath. As can be seen, good teeth go a long way in maintaining the emotional well being of a person. Looks, smile, and speech are very important for any person to feel good and confident. The psychological effects are catapulted in the case of children.

Given that teeth have such an important emotional and psychological bearing on both children and adults; don’t you think it is essential to take good care of each and every tooth? Does it not sound illogical to say that “I have 32 teeth, so what if I lose one?”

In conclusion, we can confidently say that a good dental health goes a long way in helping a person have a good health overall. It also helps them feel emotionally happy. May you maintain your teeth well and enjoy the benefits!

PS: Have any questions related to oral hygiene? Got any thoughts to share? Do you agree with us? Leave a comment and we will respond!

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