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Implant dentist bring back your confidence with teeth as close to natural!!

Implant Dentistry is an advanced branch of dental practice. A dental Implant is an artificial root placed into your jaw to support the artificial tooth that is replaced. Dental Implants are basically miniature screws made of bio-compatible material called “Titanium” that are placed in jaw bone under local anaesthesia. After an initial period of 3-4 months dental implants undergo a biological attachment with bone called ‘Osseointegration’ which allows the dental implants to be loaded with artificial tooth.

Dental implants is a conservative treatment because we do not take support from the adjacent tooth like fixed partial denture. Dental implants gives you will a feel of natural tooth being present and provide highest comfort level during chewing food. Dental implants are the best solution to replace missing teeth. Dental Implants in Chennai Tooth Replacement in Chennai.

Dental implants has many advantages. They are:

  • Conservative- (does not involve the adjacent teeth).
  • Cost effective – (only one tooth cost is taken, unlike Fixed partial denture in which cost of replacing tooth and the neighboring supporting tooth is used).
  • Improved function(Dental implants function just as well as ur own natural teeth).
  • Improved dental hygiene.
  • Better dental aesthetics.
  • Patient comfort – (Will give you a natural feel).
  • Affordable- (implants are cheaper by cost).
  • Simple surgery done in local anesthesia.

Immediate implant:
The Conventional method of Dental Implant placement involves extraction of the Decayed tooth/Root stump, then a healing period of 6-8 weeks . After the healing period the Implant is placed into the pre-drilled bone under local anaesthesia and sutures are placed , the sutures are removed after a week time. After 3-6 months the Dental Implants undergo a biological attachment with the bone called “Osseo integration” which allows the implant to be restored with an artificial tooth.

In case of Immediate implant in most instances, extraction of teeth is done with the least trauma possible, preserving the extraction socket walls and implants are placed immediately in the extracted socket,sutures placed and an immediate temporary crown is provided, after a week the sutures are removed.Then after 3-6 months the Implant is restored with an artificial tooth.

Advantages of immediate implants:
Post extaction alveolar bone resorption is reduced, thus providing improved functional and esthetic results. Shortening of treatment time and number of dental visits since the two phase surgery is not there. Patient acceptance is good and the psychological stress is avoided by suppressing the need for repeat surgery for implantation.

Limitations of immediate implants:

  • Cannot be done in case of infected tooth /site .
  • Implant bed preparation is more difficult.
  • Bone augmentation procedure might be required in some cases.

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