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This is essentially a huge thank you for the effort you put in to allow me to get arunhome as quickly as possible. You were clearly exceptionally busy on the Saturday but pulled out all the stops and I will be eternally grateful for that !!

Turning to my dental reason for seeing you, I am extremely pleased with what you did on the implants and crowns and will certainly recommend you to any of my friends who need / want dental work whilst studying at the KYM in Chennai. From our first meeting in November to have the implants inserted, your personal manner came across to me as warm, open and friendly you immediately gave me confidence and put me at my ease. During the inevitably lengthy preparation work for / insertion of the 2 implants, you kept checking that I was comfortable and I thought your technique was always excellent. Your regular clients are lucky to have such a committed professional to take care of them! Thank you again for a super Saturday effort!! best dental clinic reviews Best Dentist reviews in Chennai

Ray Lloyd. London, UK.

I went to Peals Dentistry for scaling, but it ended up with a smile make over. I am really pleased with the results. I am impressed with the patient care and the records they were showing how progress had been made. My appearance has totally changed. The outcome of my treatment definitely fulfills my expectation. Thank you very much, Dr. Arun.

Mrs. Rajakumari

I was searching for a good dental clinic and a dentist. I haven’t experienced this much care and comfort with any other dentist. The dentists are patient friendly and skilled in their work. I am very much satisfied with the materials and the techniques used in Arun’s Dental Art. Sterilization is also very good. Finally I have found out a good dental clinic and a talented Dentist. I wish all the very best to Dr. Arun and his team.

Mr. Kumar

I chanced upon Dr. Arun’s Dental Art about a year ago and decided to give it a try mainly because of its convenient location. My experience with them has been great. I found that all the doctors were young but well experienced and educated. They had a cheerfulness among them which made every visit pleasant – something that I have not encountered with my previous doctors. Making an appointment here is always simple and hassle free. Their premises is also very clean and professional. Over the past year, Dr. B. Arunkumar and his team treated my root canal, cavities and gave me new set of dentures. He did an excellent job and I have not had any issues with any of the treatments. On all fronts, I have been thoroughly satisfied and would highly recommend them to everyone.

Mr. S. Seetharaman

Marriages are made in Heaven, so it is said. I would like to add that to regain natural teeth when one becomes toothless,it is Aruns Dental Care they should turn to.

Although technology keeps on progressing (and now with the BPS denture looking like the real teeth) it is more up to the competence of the practising Doctor specialists to deliver the job perfectly. That is where , you, Sir,excel. Your friendly approach and explanations at frequent intervels puts one at ease.

I have been wearing normal ( the usual old technology) full denture for over two decades and when I came to learn of BPS technology, I decided to have my old denture replaced and came to you. In all aspects, be it, fitting, chewability or looks, the BPS is incomparable.But where it excels is in the way one gets to smile naturally.The denture looks so natural, that it looks like it is our own, as the shades that are added to the denture frame is done meticulously to match our inner mouth.

Thanks to you, Doctor, and to your dedicated team to have done an excellent job. Your professional approach is also seen in the way an sms is sent reminding us of the appointment and followed by a telephonic reminder at 10.00 am sharp.

Mr. Mohan Raman

This has reference to my recent visit to the hospital concerning my new implant denture, first of all please accept my sincere gratitude Doctor, having been given me the excellent treatment. I feel much more comfortable with my new denture compared with the old . So far i have not faced any problem while eating and speaking. Now i feel more comfortable and can able to speak freely without any shy during my professional conversation. However as advised i will visit the hospital before i leave end of this month for a check up.

In the meantime i take the opportunity to thank you and your entire team for the treatment provided to me for my entire satisfaction. Further in between your tight schedule you have given me the appointment in a way as desired by me, for which once again thanking you so much indeed.

Mr. Abubacker Fazal

“During my visit to India this year. I had been to Dr. Arun Kumars dental clinic and asked the possibilities available for implant and detachable dentures etc.

Dr. Arun clearly had explained the modules of treatment available after examination. I was very much impressed with the manner in which he explained and the options available and answered my querries to my best satisfaction which eventually made my confidence in him to attain high levels. He is a very talented and carried out the entire module of treatment to my utmost satisfaction.”

Mr. Swaminathan. (Denmark)

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