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What does it takes to build a dental clinic?

How do we give the best?

Watch Dr.Sandhya Arunkumar, Director of Pearls Dentistry speaking on what it takes to build the best dental clinic.

Although Google search enlists a series of dental clinics in Chennai, how do we choose the one best for our dental treatment? First we need to understand and accept the fact that the internet is only capable of enlisting the dental clinics in Chennai, only personal experience with a dental team can actually predict the credentials of a BEST DENTAL CLINIC OR PRACTICE. Do watch this video to understand the meaning of BEST DENTAL CLINIC and also be aware that Pearls dentistry is rated as one among the BEST DENTAL PRACTICES IN CHENNAI for the past 16 years since it satisfies all the criteria laid down for a BEST DENTAL CLINIC.



So you have planned to embark on a trip to Chennai. Yes, you need to have your appointment with the dentist and get your teeth in top condition. However, a trip to Chennai need not just stop with a visit to the dentist. Chennai has much more to offer than just high quality and cost effective dental care! This write-up of ours will focus on some of the places which you can visit in Chennai.

# 1 Beaches: A melange of colours and food!

Sunshine and sea waves are available in abundance in Chennai! Home of the second longest beach in the world, The Marina Beach, Chennai also has many other smaller beaches which dot her coastline. Edward Elliots Beach or commonly referred to as Bessie Beach in Besant Nagar is another beautiful beach which is a must visit, if you like watching the sea! There are smaller beaches in areas such as Tiruvanmayur, Ennore, Neelankarai, Foreshore Estate, Royapuram, and Santhome.

While one can happily watch the waves, the beaches in Chennai are also a small potpourri of eateries. You can munch on hot chilli bajjis, tasty bondas, or healthy sundals (boiled groundnuts seasoned with raw mangos, onions, and salt). You can also have your future predicted by charming lady astrologers who read your palm or by parrots (kili josiyum) too!

# 2 The Theosophical Society

Founded by Annie Besant, The Theosophical Society in Adyar is a must visit for anyone travelling to Chennai. Nestled in greenery by the banks of the Cooum River, The Theosophical Society in Adyar is the headquarters of the International Theosophical Society. You can take a tour of The Theosophical Society by walking around the lush surroundings, interacting with the members in the society, and visiting the library to read more. It is a historic place which provides a lot of food for thought and serenity for the soul!

# 3 Temples, Churches, and Mosques

Chennai has many historic places of worship which attract travellers, irrespective of if they want to pray or not. The Kapaleeshwar Temple in Mylapore, The Parthasarathy Swami Temple in Triplicane, Santhome Church in Santhome, and The Thousand Lights Mosque on Mount Road are just a few of the heritage sites which add colour to Chennai’s geography.

# 4 Amusement Parks

Chennai also houses many theme parks and amusement parks like VGP Golden Beach Resort, MGM Dizzee World and Kishkinta. These places have a plethora of adrenaline pumping rides and are a big hit, especially with children. These amusement parks have green locales and are built on a vast area, hence making them a great spot to spend the entire day.

# 5 Bird Watching at Vedantangal and Pallikaranai Marshland

Vedantangal and Pallikaranai Marshlands are home to many migratory birds. You can spend time in these places in the company of exotic birds which make Chennai their abode during early summer. Siberian Cranes are the most popularly spotted birds. Grab those binoculars and do some bird watching!

# 6 Popular places of interest: Egmore Musuem, Guindy Park, and Fort St.George

The Egmore Museum, Guindy Park, and Fort St.George are three popular tourist spots which give a glimpse of the history of the city. Educative and entertaining, a visit to these places is bound to enthral every kind of traveller!

Not to forget you can watch a movie in Satyam Cinemas or catch an IPL( or a cricket match) in the MA Chidambaram stadium! Chennai, formerly (and fondly) called as Madras, is a confluence of tradition and modernity. No matter what kind of a tourist you are, you will be able to find enjoyable things to do in this warm tropical city. Pack your bags and head here!







You and your family need dental care: at least once in 6 months. Many people shy away from regular visits to their dentists because of a plethora of reasons. Two main reasons why people refrain from periodic dental check-ups are the humongous cost of the treatments and the lack of finding a suitably efficient dentist with whom the patient is comfortable with.

Chennai, as a city, offers the ideal panacea for these two causes which prevent people for undertaking good care of their teeth. The premise of this note is to provide you with three solid and attractive reasons on why you should be visiting Chennai for all your dental treatments.

# Reason 1: Low Costs of Treatment:

Dental treatments in Chennai cost a fraction of what they cost elsewhere in the world. A single tooth implant which would cost at least 1000 USD in other Asian countries and above 2000 USD in the West, will cost only around 600 USD in Chennai. Whether it is doing a root canal or removing a wisdom tooth, Chennai is way more affordable than any other place. If you are residing in the USA or any of the European nations, you will find that dental treatment costs are significantly lesser in Chennai, and by significant we are talking of fractions like 1/10, 1/9 etc.

# Reason 2: Internationally Trained and Educated Dental Surgeons:

Chennai is home to many internationally educated and recognized dental surgeons. All these dental surgeons have studied abroad, undergone trainings and certifications to be abreast with the latest in the dental world, and have now set up their clinics and hospitals in Chennai. Remember these surgeons originally hail from India and have gotten back to their roots. Talk about the best of both the worlds: a confluence of Eastern empathy with Western efficiency. Such dental surgeons located in Chennai not only make you and your family feel comfortable, but are also well-versed with the latest in technology and hence render a world class treatment at purse-friendly rates.

# Reason 3: State of the Art Infrastructure:

Chennai plays home to many an internationally acclaimed dental surgeon and their hospitals or clinics. This has also translated into the ready availability of all the world class equipments and devices within the precincts of these clinics and hospitals. The dental surgeons and doctors are not only abreast with the latest news in the dental world, but also have ready access to the best cutting edge technology tools. Suffice to say the dental treatment provided is amongst the best in the world.

Summing up…

Apart from these three very pertinent reasons which make the case for opting for Chennai as THE place to undergo dental treatments, there are some more reasons which act in favour of Chennai. Some of these include the lower costs of living, the presence of a good network of public and private transport system(well, the recently launched Metro is there too… 🙂 ) , and the general English fluency of the local populace.

You may say that you will be spending money on your tickets to get to Chennai, but we assure you that you will still be saving on costs! Furthermore, you can also use the savings to give yourself a holiday. Chennai is city which offers many multifarious sources of entertainment, learning, and unwinding to every kind of traveler. Read through the rest of blogs to know what you can do in Chennai. No matter how many times you visit the city, you will always have a bundle of fresh memories to create!

In our next blog we will let you know the places you can visit in and around Chennai. Stay tuned and have a great oral health!

Have any questions or clarifications on taking your dental treatment in Chennai? Leave us a comment!


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PeRu Upgraded
PeRu Upgraded
05:31 22 May 20
They have the latest technology for implants. Just in one visit all our work... done. They are very good in educating us for better understanding. Well done Mr. & Mrs. Sandhya Arunkumarread more
Aadhavi Chandrasekar
Aadhavi Chandrasekar
17:29 25 Feb 20
Great service Uses advance technology for treatments Quick and... painless Friendly doctors Explains the problem clearly to us. They call you for follow up, that gives me a very personalised experienceread more
anasuya jayaraman
anasuya jayaraman
09:40 08 Jan 20
V good place .well attended to by Dr Sandhya and Arun.
Lachumanan Arumugam
Lachumanan Arumugam
06:00 05 Aug 19
I recently undergone treatment at pearls dentistry . Dr.arun himself attended... me personally who has more than 18 years of experience . The way they took care of me was extremely good and process was so painless . They happened to follow up day and night to check whether I had pain in the 4 day process . I strongly recommend pearls dentistry for your dental needs . Thank you pearls dentistry team .read more
S.S.V Exports
S.S.V Exports
05:47 05 Aug 19
Best treatment with the latest techniques
Chandra Kant Tewari
Chandra Kant Tewari
13:57 28 May 19
An Artist.. That's what Dr Arun is.. Spent time explaining what he is going to... do, why and how. Said no painkillers are needed., when an earlier job by another dentist had left me with swollen lips and gums. Painless, Smooth and Clean.. It was over before I even realised it. No more fears of dentists now. Congrats Pearls Dentistry.. U are Champs..read more
Anon Anon
Anon Anon
08:27 19 Nov 18
Absolutely wonderful,clean,friendly and professional customer service. Saw Dr... Arun and Dr Mangla for a root canal, gum lift and bridge work here, which was a long standing isssue that had not been treated correctly. It couldn’t have been more different here, absolute skill and professionalism from start to finish. The cost was also much cheaper than here in the UK. At no time did they push products at me, I was given clear choices throughout, and I will be returning next year for a implant.read more
Jayabalaji S
Jayabalaji S
09:37 28 Oct 18
I had brilliant experience at Pearls dentistry Dr.Arun and Dr.Sandhya was... extremely professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. Dr.Arun and Dr.Sandhya has helped me to maintain my son healthy teeth. The best service I have received from any dentistry in Chennai! The receptionists were also very friendly & helpful. Looking forward to my next visit!read more
Netizen here
Netizen here
13:01 19 Oct 18
Dr. Arun and his team are always very dependable and accommodative. I could... only manage to arrange for a short-term visit to India to get the implants for my front teeth done and apparently, planning the sittings and the meticulous follow up to get the required materials on time to work it out perfectly to suit my looks, especially because they were the front teeth, was extremely important. Not only did Dr. Arun take up this risky time-sensitive task with a welcoming attitude, but also totally impressed us by taking so much care to work out everything so well in the limited time to my fullest satisfaction. Now after a couple of months of having the implant done, I can confidently say that the quality of the job done by him is so good that no one even noticed that these are my implant teeth and even when I myself suggested Dr. Arun to one of my friends here who was considering a dental treatment, they still couldn't tell that they weren't my natural teeth smiling at them! Exactly what I wanted!! They look absolutely natural and this was my main expectation when I went in for the treatment and they have been undoubtedly fulfilled. I can't thank you enough Dr. Arun & team!! Keep up your good work & wish you all success!read more
13:20 16 Oct 18
I R Mala a partner at Kaleidoscope a graphic animation studio have used the... Services of Dr Arun from Pearls Dentistry and am very happy with their services. What I liked most was his explaining and taking me in confidence each time before doing anything and solving the issue till I was comfortable. Thank you.read more
deepti samant
deepti samant
10:24 12 Sep 18
Dr.Arun is a fabulous clinician,I have never been more comfortable getting my... teeth treated, diagnosis being on point! Easy access and cordial staff are the add on's. The very beautiful Dr.Sandhya, reaches out and guides patients through, proving to be highly beneficial. As common people,many minute details go unnoticed,and she brings the same to light. Thank you,you wonderful duo!read more
n anand
n anand
02:18 11 Sep 18
Well planned and coordinated efforts between the doctor and staff members.... Starting from appointment handling, informing the patient in advance, followed by review, handling the patient records by themselves saving time and effort of searching... Expertise of latest treatments, actively updating the knowledge are amazing qualities of both Dr Arun and Dr Sandhya... I recommend through my heart and soul to every citizen of Chennai to utilize this noble service which is unique and incomparable .. God bless Pearl Dentistry and team for growing further beyond boundariesread more
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