“Dr.Arun came highly recommended when we went to his clinic for my wife’s treatment. His manner instantly put my wife at ease and helped her gain confidence. Our interaction throughout the period of treatment with both Dr.Arun and his staff was exceptional. In addition to being a highly skilled surgeon his abilities to listen, care and heal are unmatched. He is well adept in physical evaluations and ailment management. Further his transparent treatment plans citing costs involved made us feel confident and offered a great feeling of reliance. The equipment available in the clinic are state of the art and so is his professional knowledge in handling those.His staff also went to great lengths in finalizing appointments, proper updating of medical records and displayed a caring attitude at all times. Doctors like Dr.Arun replace the fear of illness with trust and recovery.
The treatment was spaced out in a time frame spanning 6 months due to the doctor’s insistence that each stage healed properly before the next was embarked upon. My wife is truly delighted with outcome of her treatment and the implant looks completely natural and is extremely comfortable. His treatment had brought a huge smile in my wife’s face. I would recommend his name at all times to anybody who is in need of quality dental treatment” – THANK YOU FOR YOUR REVIEW.

It is very important to choose the right place and hands to undergo your implant surgery. We, at Pearls, provide the state of art skill and technology to help in creating everlasting smiles. We provide:

  • -Conscious sedation for a pain-free surgery :

    The fear of a dental procedure can cause anxiety during the course of surgery. Sedation helps in keeping the patient calm and completely unaware of the process, a state of deep sleep. The vitals are monitored at all times throughout the process. Thus, we provide painless sleep dentistry to ensure patient comfort and care.

  • -CT Guided Implant surgery :

    The use of computed tomography in implant treatment planning helps in reducing the surgery time, reducing postoperative complications, better choice of implant size thereby keeping patient’s interest at its best.

  • -Immediate Implants post-extraction :

    The placement of implants in the tooth socket immediately after extraction reduces the requirement of another surgery.

  • -Single-visit CAD-CAM crown in one hour :

    Use of single visit dentistry helps in avoiding any unpleasant impression material, no requirement of temporary prosthesis, long-term stability as it is more accurate in terms of design, fit and color and convenience of getting the crown in one hour.

  • -Highly skilled and trained in new learnings& advancements in implant procedures such as soft tissue and hard tissue augmentation :

    The clinical skill and knowledge of the dentist plays an important role in the success of the implant surgery. This skill and knowledge is required to take important decisions such as choice of conventional implants or immediate implants, time frame in between the implant and crown placement, choice of implant size and position all of which will determine the longevity and success of the same.

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Dental implants are artificial fixtures mimicking our natural roots, over which an artificial crown can be restored. It is best replacement option for replacing a single missing tooth, teeth or a complete set of teeth in either arches as it independently restores form, function as well as aesthetics.
Dental implant treatment is proposed with the idea to restore the tooth/ teeth to last a lifetime as titanium adapts beautifully with our natural bone forming a single unit. Implant aftercare plays an important role in the success of the implant, such as, maintenance of good oral hygiene, review check up once in six months to help in monitoring and refrainment from habits such as smoking.

The benefits of implants can be categorized into two major aspects :
  • Function: As each of our natural tooth is a single unit, implants help in replacing our missing teeth each as a single unit. Advantage being better chewing efficiency, maintenance of our oral health. The main advantage being unlike conventional bridges it does not require to salvage any tooth structure of the adjacent teeth, therefore it’s success is not dependent on the health of the adjacent teeth.
  • AESTHETICS : Precision and pre-planning play a major role in improving the aesthetics. The crowns given over the implant can mimick the natural phenomena of the teeth coming out of our gums with the maintenance of the interdental space that is lost when replacing with the bridge.

Placement of implants can be painless procedure with proper planning in advance. Local anesthesia is usually administered to numb the surgical area that will help keep the process painless. Post- operative course of medications and rest can help bring you back to your daily routine in a couple of days. In case of multiple implants, patient is advised to undergo the procedure under conscious sedation, a process different from general anesthesia, where an anesthetist will administer a sedative dose in your vein, that will keep you conscious to commands but completely unaware of the ongoing procedure.
Placement of implants can take about 20 minutes upto three hours depending on the number of implants and difficulty of surgery. Post the implant placement, a minimum waiting period of 3-6 monthsis advised to receive a crown ( an individualized decision that varies from each patient ).

This treatment involves placement of implants in the tooth socket immediately post extraction. The possibility of this process is dependent on the appropriate length and width of available bone as well as absence of any infection.

Loss of anterior tooth/teeth especially plays a major role in aesthetics and refrainment from social life. This can be overcome by placement of a temporary tooth immediately after placement of implants. It is important to understand that the temporary tooth is an independent process and does not require the process of loading the implant. Hence, it ensures complete implant-bone formation (osseo-intergration) as well as maintenance of aesthetics until the placement of a permanent tooth.

Yes, with the help of materials such as bone graft and membrane, placement of implants is possible and successful. Grafts contain vital cells that help in bone growth and in addition stabilizes the blood clot performing it’s action. Membrane is a material that acts as a barrier to prevent soft tissue cells(gum cells) to enter the surgical area and prevent the bone regeneration process. In large and small defects where there is insufficient natural bone, grafts from other sources can be placed to help in generation of new bone. These grafts and membrane are chosen appropriately for each defect.

Pearls Dentistry is born out of vision to be a leader in health care innovations to invoke, inspire and integrate transformational centres of excellence in dentistry. Dentist Appointment in Chennai Dental visit in Chennai, Dental Tourism in Chennai and Dental Implants,Dental emergency in Chennai Immediate Teeth Implants in Chennai

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PeRu Upgraded
PeRu Upgraded
05:31 22 May 20
They have the latest technology for implants. Just in one visit all our work... done. They are very good in educating us for better understanding. Well done Mr. & Mrs. Sandhya Arunkumarread more
Aadhavi Chandrasekar
Aadhavi Chandrasekar
17:29 25 Feb 20
Great service Uses advance technology for treatments Quick and... painless Friendly doctors Explains the problem clearly to us. They call you for follow up, that gives me a very personalised experienceread more
anasuya jayaraman
anasuya jayaraman
09:40 08 Jan 20
V good place .well attended to by Dr Sandhya and Arun.
Lachumanan Arumugam
Lachumanan Arumugam
06:00 05 Aug 19
I recently undergone treatment at pearls dentistry . Dr.arun himself attended... me personally who has more than 18 years of experience . The way they took care of me was extremely good and process was so painless . They happened to follow up day and night to check whether I had pain in the 4 day process . I strongly recommend pearls dentistry for your dental needs . Thank you pearls dentistry team .read more
S.S.V Exports
S.S.V Exports
05:47 05 Aug 19
Best treatment with the latest techniques
Chandra Kant Tewari
Chandra Kant Tewari
13:57 28 May 19
An Artist.. That's what Dr Arun is.. Spent time explaining what he is going to... do, why and how. Said no painkillers are needed., when an earlier job by another dentist had left me with swollen lips and gums. Painless, Smooth and Clean.. It was over before I even realised it. No more fears of dentists now. Congrats Pearls Dentistry.. U are Champs..read more
Anon Anon
Anon Anon
08:27 19 Nov 18
Absolutely wonderful,clean,friendly and professional customer service. Saw Dr... Arun and Dr Mangla for a root canal, gum lift and bridge work here, which was a long standing isssue that had not been treated correctly. It couldn’t have been more different here, absolute skill and professionalism from start to finish. The cost was also much cheaper than here in the UK. At no time did they push products at me, I was given clear choices throughout, and I will be returning next year for a implant.read more
Jayabalaji S
Jayabalaji S
09:37 28 Oct 18
I had brilliant experience at Pearls dentistry Dr.Arun and Dr.Sandhya was... extremely professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. Dr.Arun and Dr.Sandhya has helped me to maintain my son healthy teeth. The best service I have received from any dentistry in Chennai! The receptionists were also very friendly & helpful. Looking forward to my next visit!read more
Netizen here
Netizen here
13:01 19 Oct 18
Dr. Arun and his team are always very dependable and accommodative. I could... only manage to arrange for a short-term visit to India to get the implants for my front teeth done and apparently, planning the sittings and the meticulous follow up to get the required materials on time to work it out perfectly to suit my looks, especially because they were the front teeth, was extremely important. Not only did Dr. Arun take up this risky time-sensitive task with a welcoming attitude, but also totally impressed us by taking so much care to work out everything so well in the limited time to my fullest satisfaction. Now after a couple of months of having the implant done, I can confidently say that the quality of the job done by him is so good that no one even noticed that these are my implant teeth and even when I myself suggested Dr. Arun to one of my friends here who was considering a dental treatment, they still couldn't tell that they weren't my natural teeth smiling at them! Exactly what I wanted!! They look absolutely natural and this was my main expectation when I went in for the treatment and they have been undoubtedly fulfilled. I can't thank you enough Dr. Arun & team!! Keep up your good work & wish you all success!read more
13:20 16 Oct 18
I R Mala a partner at Kaleidoscope a graphic animation studio have used the... Services of Dr Arun from Pearls Dentistry and am very happy with their services. What I liked most was his explaining and taking me in confidence each time before doing anything and solving the issue till I was comfortable. Thank you.read more
deepti samant
deepti samant
10:24 12 Sep 18
Dr.Arun is a fabulous clinician,I have never been more comfortable getting my... teeth treated, diagnosis being on point! Easy access and cordial staff are the add on's. The very beautiful Dr.Sandhya, reaches out and guides patients through, proving to be highly beneficial. As common people,many minute details go unnoticed,and she brings the same to light. Thank you,you wonderful duo!read more
n anand
n anand
02:18 11 Sep 18
Well planned and coordinated efforts between the doctor and staff members.... Starting from appointment handling, informing the patient in advance, followed by review, handling the patient records by themselves saving time and effort of searching... Expertise of latest treatments, actively updating the knowledge are amazing qualities of both Dr Arun and Dr Sandhya... I recommend through my heart and soul to every citizen of Chennai to utilize this noble service which is unique and incomparable .. God bless Pearl Dentistry and team for growing further beyond boundariesread more
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