Advanced smile makeovers, full mouth dental implants, zirconia and CAD CAM crowns, laser dentistry, invisible braces and many more services we offer to our patients \ the absolute best and latest in dental technology. We have our in house 3D CBCT scan machine, which ensures flawless accuracy in diagnosis and treatment.


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Mouth Ulcers! – a small ulcer can cause a lot of pain and suffering. Can we prevent it? If a you are a student taking up an exam or an adult looking at a project deadline invariably end up with mouth ulcers. Watch Dr Sandhya Arunkumar from Pearls Dentistry, speak on mouth ulcers and ways to prevent. Got a question, do ask and will be happy to assist. Next time we will be continuing on Dental Implant series. 9382666369.


What does it takes to build a dental clinic?

How do we give the best?

Watch Dr.Sandhya Arunkumar, Director of Pearls Dentistry speaking on what it takes to build the best dental clinic.

Although Google search enlists a series of dental clinics in Chennai, how do we choose the one best for our dental treatment? First we need to understand and accept the fact that the internet is only capable of enlisting the dental clinics in Chennai, only personal experience with a dental team can actually predict the credentials of a BEST DENTAL CLINIC OR PRACTICE. Do watch this video to understand the meaning of BEST DENTAL CLINIC and also be aware that Pearls dentistry is rated as one among the BEST DENTAL PRACTICES IN CHENNAI for the past 16 years since it satisfies all the criteria laid down for a BEST DENTAL CLINIC.


How can we choose the best Dental Implants?

Dr. Arun, Director of Pearls Dentistry explains what goes into selecting the best implant for the individual.

After removal, REPLACEMENT OF MISSING TEETH is necessary for multiple reasons. Are you the one searching for cheaper DENTAL IMPLANTS in the USA? Looking for cost effective dental implants in the US might not work, but it can very much work in CHENNAI. People travelling as a part of medical tourism find CHENNAI as the most COST EFFECTIVE place to get DENTAL IMPLANTS done, especially multiple dental implants. Pearls dentistry is one of the BEST DENTAL CINICS in CHENNAI to offer COST EFFECTIVE, CHEAPER DENTAL IMPLANTS with greater retention and longevity. Do watch this video to know more about BEST DENTAL IMPLANTS.


Dread visiting a dentist? Scared of Dental treatment? Well most of us are…

In this video Dr Arun, explains the possible reasons.

FEAR of Dental treatment is the major root cause for loss of natural TOOTH DUE TO DECAY OR GUM PROBLEM at an early age. Many people struggle with this loss of teeth due to poor chewing efficiency, crooked movement of teeth causing food retention, difficulty in hygiene maintenance  in between gaps and lot more consequences. So addresal of this FEAR of DENTIST or DENTAL TREATMENT now has become a necessity!! Do watch this video to address your FEAR of DENTIST and get benefited


Are you scared of dentists and dental treatment? Know the causes of dental fear.

The human mind is conditioned to associate DENTIST OR DENTAL TREATMENT with FEAR or PAIN. So, the regular annual dental check-ups or prevailing dental problems are given least priority in the list of health check-ups by us. So how do we change this scenario to bring back the smiles and healthy decay free teeth for our people? Pearls Dentistry, a chain of Dental clinics in Chennai is always known to offer pain free and fear free dental services for the past 16 years. Pearls dentistry works on a mission to create 20lac smiles for our people!!Do watch this video, to know more about our pain free, fear free dental services offered by US.


This blog is pivoted around the psychological aspects stemming out of oral hygiene.

Teeth and Looks

Your teeth have a direct bearing to how you look. A healthy set of teeth ensure that your jaw line remains taut and gives a bearing to your face. When a tooth starts going bad, it leads to the loosening of the tooth, causes movement of the adjacent tooth, may lead to loss of a tooth, and hence create space in the mouth. If this is the case of a single tooth, imagine what would happen if more are not all right? Any damage to even a single tooth will start giving visible alterations to your jaw line and hence your face. As all of us know, we are the most confident when we look good. Any loss of good looks immediately impacts a person’s confidence levels (getting that ideal date becomes so much easier!). It becomes paramount to preserve the good health of teeth to preserve good confidence!

Teeth and Smile

No, this is not an advertisement for any tooth paste! Yet, we have to make this point. Your smile would be nicer and more pleasant (of course you have to smile first), when your teeth are in good condition. Stained teeth, yellow teeth, hollow teeth, and the like have a direct impact on the way you smile. A shiny white smile is surely more attractive, and more importantly echoes of a good oral health. Fix the teeth to smile wider!

Teeth and Children

It is very important for children to have good oral health. Bad teeth, crooked teeth, and other teeth deformations impact the mental health of children as they tend to be affected by the peer group. There have been cases of children going silent and even bordering on depression because they are conscious and not happy about their looks: stemming out of bad oral health. So taking care of the teeth of children goes a long way in keeping their confidence up!

Day 19 5_CrookedTeeth

Teeth and Speech

Good oral hygiene helps in clarity of speech. Teeth are very essential for anyone to be able to talk clearly. The loss of even a single tooth would lead to distortion of speech and loss of clarity while talking. This would lead to a person being uncomfortable when they speak and may lead to a minor dip in the confidence levels.

Apart from all these factors which we have mentioned, improper care of teeth also leads to bad breath. As can be seen, good teeth go a long way in maintaining the emotional well being of a person. Looks, smile, and speech are very important for any person to feel good and confident. The psychological effects are catapulted in the case of children.

Given that teeth have such an important emotional and psychological bearing on both children and adults; don’t you think it is essential to take good care of each and every tooth? Does it not sound illogical to say that “I have 32 teeth, so what if I lose one?”

In conclusion, we can confidently say that a good dental health goes a long way in helping a person have a good health overall. It also helps them feel emotionally happy. May you maintain your teeth well and enjoy the benefits!

PS: Have any questions related to oral hygiene? Got any thoughts to share? Do you agree with us? Leave a comment and we will respond!


For part 1 of the same topic, click here.

Now that we have convinced you about the ill effects of stress on your teeth and hence your overall health, the next thing to do is to see how we can overcome this.

The obvious answer is to beat stress out. You may say, but my problems exist. How can I beat stress out? Try following what we recommend. These are easy to follow and will require just minimal efforts from your part. They will go a very long way in ensuring good oral hygiene and in preventing the hordes of health issues which you otherwise assail you!

Sleep: Yes, something as simple as sleep will help your body beat stress. When you sleep, all your body parts relax. They get rejuvenated and hence are in a better position to function with energy after the rest. Sleeping also calms your mind and hence stress is shoved out. Adequate sleep of at least 7 hours a day will promote your well being and keep stress at bay! Mind you, when we say 7 hours, we mean solid sleep of 7 hours.


Drink lots of water: When you hydrate yourself regularly, you will be flushing out toxins. Stress induced toxins also get flushed out as a result. When toxins are cleared from your body, it feels fresher and hence better equipped to handle stress. Drinking water also cleanses your teeth. Whoever thought a humble glass of water has so many benefits?

Brush your teeth twice: Brush your teeth twice daily. Once as soon as you get up and once before going to bed. It will clear out all the bacteria which have accumulated in your mouth during the course of the day and night. Brushing twice is the first and most important step towards having very healthy teeth!

Avoid spicy, sweet, and junk foods: Your eating habits have a direct consequence on your teeth. Spicy foods, sweet and sticky foods, as well as junk foods are bad for both your teeth and overall health. Avoid them and your teeth will bless you! Seriously! Healthy food habits help in maintaining a good oral hygiene. Practise it! They also help in controlling stress and even vanquishing it!

Exercise and Meditate: Exercise and meditation help you combat stress successfully. They release endorphins which make you feel happier and hence less stressed. Incorporate exercise and meditation in your day and reap the benefits!

Summarizing, stress leads to a lot of oral complications. This as a result, also has an adverse consequence on the entire body. Beat stress and have a happy set of teeth. This will help you lead a healthy life, because clichéd as it may sound, happy teeth lead to a healthy life!


Got any questions? Have any thoughts? Let us know through the comment section. Found the article useful? Share it please!



“ Your teeth shine like stars”, said Ram to Shyam. “Absolutely! They come off at night! And mind you nothing to be proud of. I was letting everyday stress overtake my lifestyle and living. This resulted in my teeth getting affected and an entire gamut of consequent health issues. I had to get dentures to begin sorting my health troubles. Mark my words, take care of your teeth!” were the sage words of wisdom by Shyam to Ram.

This blog of ours is about how a stressful lifestyle and living have an impact on your teeth, which in turn has adverse consequences on your overall health.

A disclaimer, as ever… while the blog may get tad serious, we have every intention of getting you a little scared and make you take care of your teeth better!!!

Without further rambling, let’s dive headlong into the blog.


Stress: The age old enemy!

Yes, you have heard about stress being the cause for just about every health hazard you face. The funny thing is it is true! Why would doctors keep harping on it otherwise?

Okay, question time. Are you dissatisfied with your work? Does your boss trouble you a lot? Worried about saving up enough to beat inflation? Family troubles besiege you? Is your answer to even one of these questions a a “Yes”? If so, then stress is slowly but steadily building up in your system. And know what? It has a huge negative impact on your teeth. Worries stress your body out and amongst the first things which get affected are your 32 pearls of wisdom!

Do you gnash your teeth often when you are stressed? (This was just an extra question and is not the reason for your teeth getting weaker! Unless you gnash really hard and break them!)

You are kidding! How does Stress affect my teeth?

Well before you think we are kidding, let us talk about the consequences. We all agree with the fact that stress is not good for the health. We will now elucidate how stress is related to oral health, and hence your holistic health.

First and foremost, if you are stressed out your brain conveys this to the entire body. All parts of the body work extra hard to handle the stress and still function optimally. Your teeth being the first step towards your getting energy (umm.. you eat food for energy, digestion starts from your mouth), have to work extra to help you beat the stress and still feel energetic. Now stress has a habit of piling up, the load on your teeth piles up to a point where they start weakening. What happens when your teeth start getting weaker? A whole lot of things!

You may start getting inflammation in your mouth. This leads to the weakening of your jaws, a slight change in your looks, and a dent in your confidence levels. Not just this, there is an established link between inflammation in your mouth and inflammation in blood cells which lead to heart diseases!

Poor oral hygiene leads to a lowering of your body’s immunity levels and weakening of the body. Studies have established deep links between bad oral health and osteoarthritis.

Stress causes diabetes is a known fact. What compounds the problem is that people with Diabetes end up having weak teeth which lead to other health issues!

Lung diseases like pneumonia get worse when a person has poor oral hygiene. The increased presence of bacteria in the mouth increases the attack on the body which worsens a lung condition.

Poor oral hygiene which leads to mouth ulcers causes irritable bowel syndrome and immune disorders. Now this is scary because it shows that stress, which affects your oral health, causes a serious weakening of your body and overall general health!


Pearls Dentistry is born out of vision to be a leader in health care innovations to invoke, inspire and integrate transformational centres of excellence in dentistry. Dentist Appointment in Chennai Dental visit in Chennai, Dental Tourism in Chennai and Dental Implants,Dental emergency in Chennai Immediate Teeth Implants in Chennai

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They have the latest technology for implants. Just in one visit all our work... done. They are very good in educating us for better understanding. Well done Mr. & Mrs. Sandhya Arunkumarread more
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Great service Uses advance technology for treatments Quick and... painless Friendly doctors Explains the problem clearly to us. They call you for follow up, that gives me a very personalised experienceread more
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V good place .well attended to by Dr Sandhya and Arun.
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I recently undergone treatment at pearls dentistry . Dr.arun himself attended... me personally who has more than 18 years of experience . The way they took care of me was extremely good and process was so painless . They happened to follow up day and night to check whether I had pain in the 4 day process . I strongly recommend pearls dentistry for your dental needs . Thank you pearls dentistry team .read more
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Best treatment with the latest techniques
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An Artist.. That's what Dr Arun is.. Spent time explaining what he is going to... do, why and how. Said no painkillers are needed., when an earlier job by another dentist had left me with swollen lips and gums. Painless, Smooth and Clean.. It was over before I even realised it. No more fears of dentists now. Congrats Pearls Dentistry.. U are Champs..read more
Anon Anon
Anon Anon
08:27 19 Nov 18
Absolutely wonderful,clean,friendly and professional customer service. Saw Dr... Arun and Dr Mangla for a root canal, gum lift and bridge work here, which was a long standing isssue that had not been treated correctly. It couldn’t have been more different here, absolute skill and professionalism from start to finish. The cost was also much cheaper than here in the UK. At no time did they push products at me, I was given clear choices throughout, and I will be returning next year for a implant.read more
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Jayabalaji S
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I had brilliant experience at Pearls dentistry Dr.Arun and Dr.Sandhya was... extremely professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. Dr.Arun and Dr.Sandhya has helped me to maintain my son healthy teeth. The best service I have received from any dentistry in Chennai! The receptionists were also very friendly & helpful. Looking forward to my next visit!read more
Netizen here
Netizen here
13:01 19 Oct 18
Dr. Arun and his team are always very dependable and accommodative. I could... only manage to arrange for a short-term visit to India to get the implants for my front teeth done and apparently, planning the sittings and the meticulous follow up to get the required materials on time to work it out perfectly to suit my looks, especially because they were the front teeth, was extremely important. Not only did Dr. Arun take up this risky time-sensitive task with a welcoming attitude, but also totally impressed us by taking so much care to work out everything so well in the limited time to my fullest satisfaction. Now after a couple of months of having the implant done, I can confidently say that the quality of the job done by him is so good that no one even noticed that these are my implant teeth and even when I myself suggested Dr. Arun to one of my friends here who was considering a dental treatment, they still couldn't tell that they weren't my natural teeth smiling at them! Exactly what I wanted!! They look absolutely natural and this was my main expectation when I went in for the treatment and they have been undoubtedly fulfilled. I can't thank you enough Dr. Arun & team!! Keep up your good work & wish you all success!read more
13:20 16 Oct 18
I R Mala a partner at Kaleidoscope a graphic animation studio have used the... Services of Dr Arun from Pearls Dentistry and am very happy with their services. What I liked most was his explaining and taking me in confidence each time before doing anything and solving the issue till I was comfortable. Thank you.read more
deepti samant
deepti samant
10:24 12 Sep 18
Dr.Arun is a fabulous clinician,I have never been more comfortable getting my... teeth treated, diagnosis being on point! Easy access and cordial staff are the add on's. The very beautiful Dr.Sandhya, reaches out and guides patients through, proving to be highly beneficial. As common people,many minute details go unnoticed,and she brings the same to light. Thank you,you wonderful duo!read more
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n anand
02:18 11 Sep 18
Well planned and coordinated efforts between the doctor and staff members.... Starting from appointment handling, informing the patient in advance, followed by review, handling the patient records by themselves saving time and effort of searching... Expertise of latest treatments, actively updating the knowledge are amazing qualities of both Dr Arun and Dr Sandhya... I recommend through my heart and soul to every citizen of Chennai to utilize this noble service which is unique and incomparable .. God bless Pearl Dentistry and team for growing further beyond boundariesread more
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